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Anonymous v. Confidential Testing

Anonymous HIV testing means no name is given to the testing center. Instead, the person tested is given a unique code. The person tested is the only one who knows the test results.

Confidential HIV testing
, or “names reporting,” records the person's name. Confidentiality laws protect the information. Medical personnel and, in some states, the state health department will have access to your results. If you sign a release to notify your personal physician, it will become part of your medical record. It may be seen by health care workers, insurers or employers. Your status may become known if you make a claim for health insurance benefits, or apply for life insurance or disability insurance.

On-Campus Testing

Students may make a Student Health Services appointment online or call (951) 827-3031.

Testing is confidential, but not anonymous.

Testing is free for students covered by Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP). If you test positive, additional lab tests are also free. An HIV test does not apply toward the $150 lab test allowance.

Testing is $26.50 for students not covered by SHIP. A student may be able to mail their bill to their insurance for possible reimbursement. Additional lab tests for HIV+ patients also require fees: the Western Blot fee is $15.20, with a handling fee of $17.00; the Viral Load test fee is $94.05.

Off-Campus Testing

Riverside County Health Services
Offers testing at various locations and times. Tests are free and confidential. For more information, call (800) 243-7275 or visit Riverside County HIV/STD Program.

San Bernardino County Public Health Department

Offers testing at various locations and times. Tests are free and anonymous or confidential. No appointments necessary, though making one will get you in and out faster. For more information or an appointment, call (909) 383-3060. For information on specific sites and testing times, visit San Bernardino County HIV/AIDS Program.

Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties

Provides low-cost to no-cost confidential HIV/AIDS & STI/STD testing at all of their Health Center locations. For information on center locations, testing times and appointments, visit Planned Parenthood.

Bienestar Human Services

Offers confidential or anonymous HIV testing.  Rapid testing is free. The results are available in approximately 20 minutes. For information on center locations, testing times and appointments, call (909) 397-7660 (San Bernardino County - Pomona) or (760) 398-3166 (Riverside County - Coachella) or visit Bienestar.

Learn More

For more information about HIV testing and counseling, visit HIV Counseling and Testing: Facts, Issues, and Answers.

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